Job Description

A Cook HUBS has a good attitude, high energy and provides great food and service! Our line cooks must be able to work as a team and seamless with one another to deliver efficient and fast service and consistent product quality every time.

Essential Functions:
  • Prepare quality food products (sandwiches, plates, etc.) efficiently per HUBS procedural standards.
  • Comply with health and safety standards for food, cleanliness and safety of our store.
  • Maintain personal hygiene standards, including wearing clean Hub’s uniform.
  • Comply with store security and safety standards.
  • Be speedy and accurate in fulfilling orders.
  • Handle raw and cooked food & waste according to HUBS procedures.
Other Key Functions
  • Clean food preparation areas, cooking surfaces, floor, grills, fryers, coolers, freezers, heaters, and utensils.
  • Cook and package batches of food, such as gyros, meat off rotisserie spits which are prepared to order or kept warm until sold.
  • Cook the exact number of items ordered by each customer, working on several different orders simultaneously.
  • Maintain sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas.
  • Measure ingredients required for specific food items being prepared.
  • Operate large-volume cooking equipment such as grills, deep-fat fryers, and flat tops.
  • Read food order slips or receive verbal instructions as to food required by patron, and prepare and cook food according to instructions.
  • Verify that prepared food meets requirements for quality and quantity.
  • Wash, cut, and prepare foods designated for cooking.
  • Clean, stock, and restock workstations and display cases.
  • Prepare all recipes, according to Hub’s standards.
  • Restock food line, freezer, coolers, dry products, etc.
  • Work multiple stations kitchen stations.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of short order cooking and/or kitchen prep.
  • Must be able to work nights and weekends.
  • Must be able to work for a minimum of one year at Hubs.
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and have a sense of urgency.
  • Ability to work as a team-player.
  • Ability to comprehend and communicate in English via verbal and written communication, such that employee can perform his or her job responsibilities.

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